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Original Materials Platinum and gold serve to highlight the brilliance of the diamonds. However, maisons that insist on producing original work from unprocessed metals are few and far between in Japan. At DIADDICT, our studios prepare materials such as platinum and gold by applying an ancient method called cupellation as well as the latest technologies including X-ray analysis and wavelength dispersion methods to guarantee the strictest level of purity. We are thoroughly knowledgeable in the characteristics of the metals we work with. By ensuring that the entire process in the workshop—from mixing, casting, processing to polishing—remains extremely precise, we are able to create expressive, delicate, yet complex designs with soft lines inspired by nature while maintaining a dazzling brilliance. What’s more, pieces such as the claws that fasten the diamond as well as the chains and rings that come into contact with the skin are fully produced in our studios to ensure an outstanding balance between artistry and comfort.


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